During the last 40 years, I have written hundreds of sermons (mostly to teach myself) and numbers of small booklets.  But for the last 6 or 7 years, my interest in writing has expanded to include two books on prophecy and most recently a short book describing my world view.

The first book is called "Where are we Now?" and is a fresh look at end time prophecies to determine where we are along that scriptural path. The second book is a follow up to the first called "Where are we heading?" and is designed to show what we can expect to happen next in our near future.

Though I'm proud of those two books, they have two things in common ... they are very detailed and apparently not very easy reading and they are controversial. The information is discussed clearly, but with a great reliance on some biblical understanding on the part of the reader. I have been told that they are for high functioning readers or people with a great interest and understanding of prophecy. I really didn't think they were that hard, but I guess they were to some people. I wish every Christian would read them and consider them carefully. It would please me to no end if it sparked any discussion, debate, or comment from the readers because my desire is to engage people's minds about the tremendous era we are entering. You may have a different opinion, but this may motivate you to rethink and reaffirm WHY you believe as you do. It may also answer some of your questions regarding our corporate future. Call 1-559-964-7474 for information on these books in print form or on CD's. They are FREE - but a small donation to assist with printing would be appreciated if you are able.

After being told that the average guy wouldn't like or understand my first books, I set out to take a serious subject and just have fun with it. The title hints at that approach. "The Great Experiment" is written as if I was still a teenager and it bounces along on an interesting (if somewhat silly) track. I don't think anyone will have trouble reading it! It is short, and hopefully, enjoyable.


"The Great Experiment" follows in it's entirety.   Thanks!   Bob

Hi Bob. I just finished your booklet. I thought that it was beautiful. I loved the writing and the humor used. I only wish I was half as talented as you are in this department. Your insight into the topics were explained in a non-threatening and loving way. I, as you, do care and hope as many people choose God. With your permission, I would like to pass this message to my loved ones.  Thank you for thinking of me and allowing me the pleasure of reading your booklet.

Leslie Middaugh



(A different World View)


Robert Moloney Jr.






Chapter 1:    What got the ball rolling

Chapter 2:    What does science say?

Chapter 3:    The Earth – Our home

Chapter 4:    Religious deities

Chapter 5:    What’s it all about?

Chapter 6:    Somethin’ Strange!

Chapter 7:    What’s Really going on here?

Chapter 8:    The crux of the experiment.

Chapter 9:    Man! What a trip!



I suppose I’m just a regular guy. I’m OK at sports, not the best looking, but I have friends of both sexes, and my schoolwork is a little above average. I come from a lower middle-class home and a family that loves me even though they say that they’d like to shoot me sometimes!


            What I’m trying to say is there’s nothing extraordinary about me … except I’m curious.


            Did you ever wonder why ceiling fans always have 5 blades? I did. The answer, for those of you who are “just curious”, has nothing to do with efficiency or balance or anything you might guess … it just sells better. People seem to like them with 5 rather than 4 or 3 or 6, so the makers hit on 5 because they sell better. Simple, huh?


            Throughout my life it just seems natural to say “why?” or “how?”. It must have driven my folks nuts! (Hence, the stab at me about getting shot!)


            But doesn’t it bother you when somebody makes some philosophical or scientific statement and you can’t get them to back it up with facts? I started telling a joke about the situation, and it astounds me how many people don’t get the underlying message. I tell them that “52.4% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” (Yeah, I know … I just made that up!) But they don’t get it without me telling them. The ones who laugh immediately are the ones I can identify with.


            Teachers, on the other hand, usually get it, but they seem to fall into two categories. One group is always ready to revoke my freedom of speech so I won’t ask them questions they can’t (or won’t) answer. The other group is pleasantly amazed that anyone cares enough to ask things! But even those good teachers seem to be tied to the stuff they learned, the way they learned it, and they go unquestioningly along without ever truly examining its veracity.


            I guess it’s just easier to go along rather than rock the boat, but in my case – it isn’t any fun if the boat is just sitting there. So … “Rock-On-Baby”!


            One day in science class, we were studying the unbelievably complex world of microorganisms. And it suddenly dawned on me that at every level of our existence, things are complicated, and interwoven in magnificent ways. You can’t digest the food you eat without a bunch of creepy crawly things in your stomach to break them down for you. To make it sound better they say that you depend on both “flora and fauna” in your digestive tract. (Sounds like twin foreign exchange students!) You ever look at some of that stuff under a microscope? Trust me, it’s “creepy crawly”!


            Well, that got me curious! (Imagine that!) Where did all this complex stuff come from? Inquiring minds want to know! So I set out on an intellectual journey to find out.








            The best place to start would be science because it deals with facts and proof. If there is anything I like it’s facts and proof!


            My science teacher said that this is all a result of evolution, and he began to tell me about how men came from apes. Whoa there big boy! That’s a chapter way near the back of the book! Start me at the beginning … the very beginning! He didn’t want to take the tremendous amount of time it would take to go through it all, so he gave me a book and said “Read it for yourself.”


            OK! Sounds interesting.


            It seems that first there was nothing. Right! That’s far back enough. The next thing you know, there is swirling dust. Hold it right there. Did I miss something? Where did the dust come from? They don’t know so they just skip it. “By cause and effect, we know that there was dust because of what happened next, so it is wasted effort to try to figure out where the dust came from. We just know it did.” They sound like my mom, “I dusted yesterday and just look at that TV! It seems like dust just appears!” (She has no idea how long dust has been doing that according to scientists!)


            But it was “swirling”. I don’t believe that can happen in a vacuum, can it? There is no atmosphere, there is nothing to push the little dust particles around, but they begin to swirl anyway! Headstrong little guys, aren’t they? One theory is that they moved because of gravity, or magnetism. I don’t get that. We’ve proved that gravity only has enough force to operate when a very large body generates it. Put a stone in space and even if it weighs tons, it doesn’t have measurable gravity. It sure wouldn’t work on dust particles spread over millions of light-years of area of the empty vacuum of space. Maybe it was magnetic energy. But no, that can’t work, it would clump everything up around the strongest sources but it sure wouldn’t “swirl”. (You can hear the teacher now, can’t you? “Quit asking pointless questions. Just accept it.”)


            Ok, they can’t answer that either, so let’s just move along.


            Now a remarkable thing happens. The dust swirls faster (How? - “Shut up!”) and begins to collapse upon itself. C’mon now! My first lessons in centrifugal force were learned on a playground by getting thrown from a merry-go-round. The faster something moves in a circle, the stronger the force is to push it away from the center. But somehow this inconceivably huge cloud of dust breaks every known law of physical science and begins to collapse upon itself into a big ball. (We weren’t there … maybe it happened.  )     


            As it collapsed it compressed into an unbelievably dense ball. (Yep! Just what I’d expect a bunch of dust to do!) Then this ball of compressed dust got very hot inside. Wait just a dog-boned minute! Where did the heat come from? It couldn’t have been from friction (the dense particles aren’t rubbing on each other; they’re going in the same circle). The heat would have to be generated from the outside, but there is nothing to rub on, it’s a vacuum! Maybe it was a chemical reaction. That size reaction would be nearly impossible to control and unchecked upheavals and varying speeds and types of chemical reactions would tear this ball apart …  or melt it … or ?  And how come this dust isn’t all the same stuff? Chemical reactions occur between different chemicals. If this dust just appeared why isn’t it all the same stuff? To hear them tell it, this dust is composed of every element in existence. It just “happened” that way – I guess. 


            With space being exceedingly cold, why didn’t the heat just dissipate? As it was forming, it should have been cooling, not heating. OK! OK! OK! Moving on, this heat eventually blew the ball to smithereens. Suddenly now, the physical laws that have all been broken up to this point, reassert themselves, and the ball blows up – scattering shrapnel throughout space. This is what created the universe and star systems we can now partially examine.


            Any of you guys ever blow something up? Man, when I was younger, we’d get some M-80’s for the 4th of July, and we’d blow up everything we could get our hands on. Frogs, dirt clumps, wooden boxes, piles of leaves, empty soda cans, were just the start of the mayhem. (Yeah, don’t look so innocent – even if you didn’t do it, you wished you had!)


            One thing I learned about when things blew up is that odd shaped pieces scattered in all directions at varying rates of speed. (Trust me, some of those pieces moved faster than I could while trying to get away!) In every case, there was very little chance of any two pieces being the same shape or size. They certainly didn’t move outward from the center with any degree of constant speed. Larger chunks moved slower and went less distance, and smaller ones went faster and farther except for some of them that were so small that they didn’t have enough weight to carry very far at all.


            Ahhhh! But with this “Big Bang” theory, they all became round pieces, some stayed hot, some got cold, and they all rotate and create little solar systems whose impeccable timing is such that they have lasted for billions of years. The precarious balance of the Earth around the Sun is such that a few percentages off and this whole system would have been destroyed. The precise timing of the moving bodies in our observable space is a wonder of science. We can’t recreate this impeccable timing of wildly different size parts even in very small ways no matter how hard we try. But it was an accident! Right?


            I’m getting a headache! At every step so far, the last thing that I expected has come true. Science has failed at every step to show how this all started. Rather, it relies on breaking known laws of science until it needs some law to actually work to accomplish what they say happened. You can’t have physical laws that turn on and off at a whim. The laws we’ve discovered work the same way all the time unless we specifically interfere with them. (And even then it’s hard to change ‘em even temporarily.)


            Maybe they’ll do better explaining this as we get closer to what we can observe and research. I’ll look at the earth more specifically next.










            Now, through a bizarre set of unscientific circumstances, we have the earth rotating around the sun. This rock is about to undergo some amazing changes. I can’t wait!


            First an amazing thing happens. A very highly explosive gas (where’d it come from?) mixed with another gas that is the required ingredient for anything to burn. Out of this exceedingly volatile mix (nope, we don’t get a horrific explosion) we get the most stable substance on earth, from which all life springs. Two molecules of hydrogen mixed with one molecule of oxygen to form water for goodness sakes! We use this supercharged gasoline to put out fires! Go figure. What a fortunate accident that was!


            Since water is the foundation for life, why did it seem to only form here? We are told that there are some evidences that it used to be on some other planets (we think) but where’d it all go? If the Big Bang Ball had what it took to make this stuff, how is it that we are the only ones who’ve got it and kept it? If there was just the infinitesimally tiny amount of the original ingredients in the Big Bang Ball that it took to make all our water … how did it all end up here instead of spread throughout limitless space? If there was lots of it, why didn’t it form everywhere? If it did form everywhere why didn’t it stick around? You’d think it would be all over the place. Nope! We’re special. (Of course if water formed everywhere, our sun might be putting out steam instead of radiation. That wouldn’t be fun!)


            Then by the action of the sun on the water on earth and stuff in it, amino acids start to form as the building blocks of all life. Hold your horses! According to science, amino acids can be formed under some very strict conditions. The problem is that the sunshine that is reputed to have formed them actually destroys them at a rate of 10 to the 30th power. (Sorry, my computer won’t let me write that correctly.) What it boils down to is that those amino acids are destroyed 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times faster than they can be made. Ahhh! But I’m discovering that scientists can’t be bothered with facts. They just claim that amino acids formed and you’d better believe it! Them tough little buggers stood up to the sun and shook their little fists and said, “I’m surviving in spite of you”!


            Do you mind if I page ahead, I’m really running out of patience … maybe it gets better.


            OK. Now the little one-celled creatures who are tired of being single, start clumping up into more complex organisms. (Hmmmm? Didn’t I read somewhere that any living thing left to itself breaks down into simpler and simpler forms?) The term “entropy” encompasses the break down, and loss of energy in every system. Somehow, something in these little creatures, that were formed from those impossibly tough amino acids (who defied being killed), must have that same toughness to go against the laws of thermodynamics.


            Ahem! Moving on … these increasingly complex systems continued to evolve in order to relate more efficiently with their environment. Of course this took untold millions of years to accomplish. Tiny step by tiny step, everything was transformed into the life forms we find today. This immense amount of time and the fractional changes that occurred are why in the geological record we have tens of millions of varieties of species as they morphed into other species. What? You say that we have none of those intermediate steps of evolution? What happened to them all?


            Just to put a finer point on it, consider the turtle. It is certainly more complex than the amoeba, so it has to have evolved from simpler life forms. BUT, it is the only creature that has its shoulder blades INSIDE of its rib cage. The scapula is sharp and would destroy the internal organs of any creature afflicted with the change from exterior to interior. There can’t be any intermediary steps because the shoulder blades can only be inside or out, not part of the rib cage. If any animal were born with the shoulder blades inside his rib cage, the first time he moved his legs … he’d be dead. (Maybe he took a page out of those amazing amino acids that wouldn’t die!) So the lowly turtle didn’t evolve from anything, and nothing evolved from it. I got it! They were dropped here by aliens!


            Jumping ahead because this is getting bizarre – The evolution of man. We are supposed to have evolved from apes. (If so, why are there still apes?) But in a little more careful look at the chart of man’s evolution I found out some awesome facts.

(This format prevents me from enlarging the chart above so I'll write the captions out to make them readable.)

LUCY: Nearly all experts agree that Lucy was just a 3 foot tall Chimpanzee.

HEIDELBERG MAN: Built from a jawbone that was conceded by many to be quite human.

NEBRASKA MAN: Scientifically built up from one tooth, later found to be the tooth of an extinct pig.

PILTDOWN MAN: The jawbone turned out to belong to a modern ape.

PEKING MAN: Supposedly 500,000 years old, but all evidence has disappeared.

NEANDERTHAL MAN : At the INT'L. Congress of Zoology (1958) Dr. A.J.E. Cave said that his examination showed that this famous skeleton found in France 

                                       over 50 years ago is that of an old man who suffered from arthritis.                     

NEW GUINEA MAN: Dates way back to 1970. This species has been found in the region just north of Australia.

CROMAGNON MAN: One of the earliest and best established fossils is at least equal in physique and brain capacity to modern man what's the difference?

MODERN MAN: This genius thinks we came from a monkey!



            I suppose I should mention the Heidelberg Man. They created this guy by starting with a jawbone. (At least that’s better than building the Nebraska Man from a tooth!) But it seems to me that no matter how good a mason or construction engineer you are, you can’t tell me what kind of a building a used brick came from. No wonder they got caught with their pants down when they found the carcass of an extinct pig with the tooth from the Nebraska man!J


So here is the chart. A Chimpanzee, just a little monkey! Next a man’s jawbone from which they created a mythological man by adding a body they have no evidence for. Not content with building a man from a jawbone, they built one out of a pig’s tooth and got caught. Next, hot from their success with a man’s jawbone, they do one out of an ape’s jawbone, conveniently ignoring the entire slew of evidence concerning the real ape family and his jaw. Then a “scientist” creates “finds” the Piltdown man and destroys the evidence before it can be rechecked. No evidence exists. Next they make a big to-do about the Neanderthal man and he’s just a Frenchman with arthritis. The New Guinea man is still among us living in the same area. The Cro-Magnon man was bigger and smarter than us (so what’s he a link to?) Impressed? Nah! Me neither!


            In spite of the fact that there is no evidence that is remotely scientific showing man has evolved from apes, and that virtually all of these “links” have been thoroughly debunked - this evolution of man is still taught at my school, including all the fraudulent links! But just between us … did you notice that there weren’t any alligators or hippo’s or opossums in this chart? Every chart on anything evolving is always just the same animal in different forms. If you stand in any mall, you can see the same thing. You’ll find all sorts of varieties of man … but they’re still Homo sapiens (I think?!).



            All right! I’ve officially given up. Science is not concerned with facts and proof, it is concerned with building a picture of life the way they want it, not the way it is. So now what? What alternatives are there?


            Well, I’ve gotten a clue from a very famous evolutionary scientist by the name of Dr. Leakey (seems appropriate). He stated in “Life” magazine in the ‘60’s that “Any theory of the origins of life that does not account for the needed impetus to start it, or fails to show why there are not millions of examples of the ever changing evolutionary stages in the geological record, is patently false. However, the only alternative is to believe in a Creator/god and we refuse to do this.”


            Do you realize what he just said? He said that he knows that evolution is a lie, but he’s chosen to believe it so he doesn’t have to believe in a Creator/god! Really?  I mean…REALLY?









            OK, so what do we have to choose from here? Maybe ancient civilizations like China or India have a clue. Ahhhh … nope! They believe in thousands of “gods” but they all are stuff that’s already “made” like rats and the sun and cement statues. I’m looking for something that made the stuff, not the stuff! If the creator were a “god”, he wouldn’t allow himself to be trapped into the form of something that’s way down the chain! (“Ho! I’m the mighty god, and I live in your sewer!” … Yeah! Right! … and I’m Henry the eighth!)


            Possibly the ancient Greeks who were highly educated and civilized would know. Good grief! They believed in the whole pantheon of “gods” who were about as flawed as the idiots in a Shakespearean play. They created all this? In between cursing each other and sleeping with humans, and showing jealousy, and being utterly foolish, they wouldn’t have time or the know-how to make anything complex and intricately interwoven. Seems like these guys were made into gods by people to excuse the believers from any responsibility for some of their own pretty slimy personal behavior.


            Maybe Islam? Nope, not even really a religion. It was a way for a tribal warrior to build an army, get rich, and practice his sexual deviancy while hiding behind a “religious” front so as not to be conquered. Funny how nobody has seemed to catch on to that yet. Hitler “got it” and tried the same thing, just not as successfully. The Koran allows bestiality, homosexuality, sex with children “as soon as they can bear your weight”, and genital mutilation of women. I can’t believe that the “god” of Islam could make anything as well designed as earth and its multitude of creatures if he was that depraved.


            Here’s a neat one … “Mother Earth” or “Gaia” but I have the same objection. It didn’t make itself. The earth is a “product” (it has already been made) that produces more stuff (like fruit trees do), but that doesn’t get me where I want to go. Who made IT?


            Christianity says they’ve got it down, but there are so many flavors and divisions, who do you trust? You sure couldn’t prove anything by looking at all the self-serving ways that so-called Christians go about their business. So is there no answer? I just can’t bring myself to that low of a cop-out. Something started this. What is it? Who is it? Where should I turn next?


            I think I’ll try looking at the basis that Christians always say is their foundation, the bible. Maybe it can give me some sort of hint that isn’t obvious from looking at many of its followers. They claim that it was written by men who were inspired and directed by a god who created all this. Maybe I ought to check it out for myself without letting anyone point me at a few favorite passages (which is the cause of all the wildly different denominations). If this truly is a message from our creator, the whole document has to be taken into account rather than forming an opinion based on some small chunk. So with no axe to grind, let’s take a look.








            If I intend to stay true to my original question, I should first check out how the bible says this all started because if it isn’t scientifically correct, I’m at another dead end. Funny isn’t it that “supposed science” lead me to a dead end and now I’m judging the bible by science? But I’m talking about stuff that’s provable in a lab, not the speculations of imagination.


            OK. In Genesis it says that God “spoke” the world into existence. How do you check that out scientifically? For him to speak and things get created there would have to be a release of an insane amount of energy from him. But energy and matter are two different things, right? A blast of energy usually destroys matter, rather than creates it.


            But going back to my scientific curiosity, I find something intriguing. When my Dad was young they taught that the molecule was the smallest particle of matter. That seems silly now doesn’t it? We’ve broken it down to atoms. They were first thought to be “matter” but upon further study they are actually a tiny nucleus surrounded by electrons (energy) moving so fast that no matter where you try to touch, you’d bump into them. They are like a force field around the nucleus. The nucleus is “matter”. Ooops! We have now broken the atom’s nucleus down and it is made up of tinier particles that are arranged similar to the atom. They are surrounded by energy with a much smaller center that we think is matter.


            The only reason things don’t just sift through each other is the force fields (electrons) around the atoms. In actuality there is vastly more space inside the atom than what we think of as solid matter. So now, if the part we used to think was solid (the nucleus) is the same way, there is more “space” inside the nucleus than the much smaller parts, but the energy around them gives it the feeling of substance. Have we reached the absolute end of our discoveries in breaking down those smaller parts? Are you sure? At this point, all “matter” seems to be is force fields that feel solid.


            That means that if a blast of energy from this God, spoken though his mouth, created the world, it is scientifically reasonable, because all matter is just force fields (energy)! At least this explanation doesn’t break any physical laws like an unnamed alternative does. So it’s scientifically possible.


            It is strange to me that evolution tries to follow the same pattern of the order of creation listed in the bible but without any outside “force” to make it happen. At least here it gives the “cause” for the effect. But why didn’t evolution sort things out in a different order? Why follow what the bible says?

Hey! There is a difference. God started with Earth, then the light and dark, the water and land, next plant life, and then he seems to have coalesced the light into the sun, added the moon, and then made the universe. (Strange!) Evolution starts with the universe first.


            Now came water creatures, birds, the land animals, and finally man. Well, evolutionists at least copied this part. But why would God start with the earth and then surround it with the universe rather than the other way around? It makes it look like his point or intent was the earth, not the universe.


            A long time ago, people thought that the sun rotated around the earth, and that the earth was the center of the universe. Where did they get that idea? We have proven it isn’t scientifically true, but in nearly every case when we thoroughly examine myths and traditional beliefs, they seem to start with a kernel of truth and then go off the track somewhere. Maybe the earth was the point of creation and they just ran too far with that concept.

            I found another example of that. Nearly every civilization has some myth, or tradition that involves a flood. They all widely differ in how it happened, who did it, and such. But they all believe it happened. Why? Could the biblical flood to judge mankind be the kernel that all these wild speculations spring from?


            A little help from our silly scientific boys shows a couple neat things. They have found sediment that is laid down by sea water on the tops of the highest mountains. (Point one for the flood.) There are no mountains along the southern borders of the Great Lakes. (Point two for the flood.) Oh, you don’t get that?


            The glaciers in the ice ages carved out the Great Lakes, and filled them… right? Uhhh, Nope!

Glaciers move down hills (mountains actually) and there ain’t none north of us big enough to slide them beasts down here. (I know we look downhill on a map with south being at the bottom, but that ain’t how it looks in real geographical life buddy!) Maybe those mountains could have sunk into the earth after the glaciers (seems weird!). But “No Charlie” the glaciers didn’t rub ‘em out. The ice leaves the mountains behind; they don’t back up and grind them down.


            So they slid down those invisible hills and gouged out the Great Lakes, pushing and digging because of the sheer weight of the ice. Then when they melted (at the next non-man-made global warming) they dropped all those billions of metric tons of granite at their southern most reach, and filled the lakes in with water. Which is why today we have a huge mountain range all along the southern border of the lakes. We don’t??!! Where did they go? Glaciers don’t reverse course and carry them off! (Of course a glacier that didn’t need to slide down mountains might have been able to make U-turns and run off with the rocks. Just ask evolutionary scientists, they believe in that kinda stuff!  )


            So the lack of mountains is point two in favor of a flood.


            You can go anywhere in my home state, take a bass, or pike, or perch, or anything from one of our lakes … carry it to Minnesota, and it will breed and be utterly compatible with that same species of fish out of any of their lakes. Point 3 for the flood. (Don’t tell me you don’t get that one either?)


            Glaciers the size of the ones postulated by our scien“terrific” friends would kill everything below them (including nearly all bacteria) and the last one happened (according to science) too short a time ago to allow evolution to go very far…. Let alone to have things evolve exactly along the same lines as other areas that are utterly unconnected to them. Each lake (or areas of close lakes) would evolve their own species – not the identical species evolving hundreds of miles away in water that never comes in contact with them. They had to be connected, BY WATER. Nope, not the melted glaciers. Those waters only covered the land for a very short time, and ran off (according to our esteemed teachers). That didn’t allow time to evolve a blanket of species that got divided into multiple lakes.


            So point 3 is in favor of a flood. I could go further, but what is the point. Those people who believe in the religion of evolution don’t want to hear facts, but it is enough for me.


            Hmmmm? Where are we? Oh yes! Creation could have occurred scientifically, and now we have scientific evidence for a flood like the bible says. Should I go searching for any other scientific proofs of the accuracy of the bible? Maybe just a few more.


            Moses believed in communicable diseases, and was utterly accurate in how long to segregate the carriers of those diseases until they were no longer infectious. We think we discovered that in fairly recent history. He also believed that the earth was round (waaaay before Columbus) and that it circled the sun. Seems like people forgot the truth and had to relearn it later rather than to actually discover it.


            The bible says that vultures “see” their prey afar off. Science taught for years that they “smelled” the carrion. This was waved in the face of those silly “bible-believers” as proof the bible was full of errors. Then one day they tested that theory and found out that the bible was true. (Funny, no apology!)


            The bible said that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by “Fire and Brimstone”  and that was called a myth - up until recently when archaeologists found and studied the sites. Funny, the sites are buried in limestone that was laid down in a volcanic event … precisely “fire and brimstone”. (Again no apology for ragging on the bible even when it was right!)


            In Genesis, the serpent had legs, and God took them away. I remember learning in science class that snakes actually still have hips, and used to have legs. (The guy who wrote this part had no scientific way to determine that snakes had legs, so was it just a good guess? Or did he have inside information?)


            I think I’m getting the point. The bible (where it can be checked out) is always scientifically right, even if it takes years for our science to catch up.


            But if the earth was the point of creation, and the bible is scientifically accurate. What in heaven’s name was this creator up to?








            I’ve been noticing that little words and phrases in the bible can unlock a lot of the mystery concerning understanding it. They also seem to be able to open up a can of worms if you’re not willing to park your opinion at the door, and see what it actually says.


            I found something in Genesis that’s a great example.


            After God talks about all the things He’s made He uses two phrases that are remarkable in their simplicity and their depth. He says He made man in His own image (to be in the same species as God) and He breathed into man the spirit of life to make man a “living being”.


            Now wait just a dogboned minute! First: if we are made like God, how in the world can we be murdering people, doing drugs, stealing, having wars, and all the other stuff we do? The bible will have to explain that if it wants to retain credibility with me.


            And second: the only creature that He says became a “living being” was man. That’s gotta mean something different than being “alive” because all them beasties he made are alive!


            It sure is strange to me that this is turning out to suggest that the earth, not the universe, was the point … and that man was the special item of all that was put on this planet. Isn’t it funny, with all science’s foolin’ around with evolution, what they were trying to show that man was the top of the line? The most highly evolved animal on earth. Top dog! While all along, God says that man is a special creature, unique from animals, and not only top of the line, but like Him! (I like God’s version better!) But I’m still stumped because I read the news; we sure aren’t very god-like.


            It also says that none of the herbs, or crop plants were around yet because there was no rain yet, and there wasn’t any man to till the ground. The earth was watered by a mist or fog that rose up every morning. Looks like God intended for man to work plowing and planting stuff. Yeah, that works, ‘cuz then He goes and plants a garden in Eden for man to have a place to live. He does it, and then expects man to do it. (same species, same behavior) God sure seems to be showing a lot of love and attention to this new creature He’s made.


            More strange stuff. While giving Adam a tour of the joint, He shows him a tree and says “Don’t eat any of that stuff, it’ll kill ya!”  Well then why did He put it in the garden anyways? When I plant a garden, I don’t go puttin’ in some poisonous weed! What’s going on here?


            So then everything is going along hunky-dory. Adam gives all the animals appropriate names, but he’s kinda lonely, so God takes a chunk out of him and makes Eve. Did you ever notice that God never calls her Eve? He calls the two of them Adam. It seems that he took more out of Adam besides the body parts - so now Eve has part of what used to make up Adam’s character, personality, and other traits. The two of them make up one full person (hmmmmmm?).


            Just as the story is about to get boring, up shows the serpent and fools Eve into eating the stuff that God says would kill her. She talks Adam into joining her and everything hits the fan!


            I got some questions. Where did that nasty serpent come from? Why did God allow him anywhere near His special creation? How come, if they were supposed to die, why didn’t they? The bible itself says that Adam lived close to 900 years. What’s going on? Was God lying about them dying? Of course they both eventually did die, but the bible says that He told them that “in the DAY that you eat that fruit, you’ll die.” There’s more to this than meets the eye.


            God boots them out of the garden, tells Eve she’s gonna suffer when bearing children; tells Adam that it’s gonna be a lot of hard work planting and harvesting; and basically takes the dream life away! (Rats! We get weeds!)


            If you’ll pardon my absence, I’m gonna read the whole bible and see if I can get a broader picture of these seeming inconsistencies. OK, I’m back. (No I didn’t read all of it in the last few seconds while you were reading. I’ve been away from my writing for a good chunk of time!) (Whew! Ya gotta explain everything! J )


            Hey! I think I’m catching on. Let’s take those questions in order in the next chapter.








            Question one from above: Where did that nasty serpent come from?


            This question actually led me to what God had in mind. To distill it all down, God had a top angel that was beautiful, powerful, and in charge of at least a third of all the angels. Angels are servants, designed to obey. But apparently, God was giving more and more freedom to “choose” to obey Him in His top angels. Lucifer finally got the idea (after how many trillions of millennia of obedient service we have no idea) that since the angels took their orders from him … why shouldn’t he be their god instead of the real one. That rebellion earned him a swift kick out of heaven, but he apparently was very persuasive because about 1/3 of the angels went with him. He became known as Satan. When God made the earth and put man on it He allowed Satan access to earth. Why?


            Since God had given the earth to Adam, when Adam committed high treason by doing what Satan (the serpent) said (instead of what God said), Satan became the default god of this world. You belong to whomever you obey – Adam did what Satan said against the spoken wishes of God, so now he’s got a new god! God no longer has the right of rulership over the earth and cannot legally take it back without breaking His word to Adam, when He said that it all belonged to Adam. Great! Now we got the evil dictator calling the shots! If God really loved man as He says He does, how could He let this happen?


            But “brilliant” doesn’t begin to describe this God. He knew ahead of time what would happen, so He must have a plan … and He did! What a doozy!


            What God was/is doing is a GREAT EXPERIMENT!


            If you ever had high school chemistry or beyond, you know several things about experiments. You start them off with the basics, and then you modify things by adding stuff into the mix. Each step has a purpose and the results are duly noted. If you are trying to create something, at the end of the experiment you throw away everything except the product you were aiming for. (‘ats a hint there Charlie!)


            Hey! If I could create the perfect girl and program her to love me … wow! But wait .. after a while she’d become boring, wouldn’t she? “Say you love me” … “I love you”  “Cook me a medium rare steak” … “Coming right up”  “What would you like to do?” … “Whatever you want, honey.” Ugh!!!

Do it ‘cuz you want to, Not because it’s your programming! (“Anything you say, darling.”) Arrrrrgh!


            Nothing can replace the value of someone freely choosing to love you and try to please you! A robot just don’t cut it!


            Since we are made by God in His likeness … He feels the same way. He’s got all the servants a guy could want, but He ain’t got nobody that has ever had any choice in the matter! What He wants is someone to love Him back without strings.


            You can’t have a choice without alternatives. It’s like watching the Chinese vote. (You can choose me, or you can choose me. If you don’t choose me, I’ll make your life a living hell!) There are no options there.

            But with God having made everything, and ruling over it … where’s the choice? There isn’t any! So it took Him a long time to give increasing freedom to some of His creations until finally one broke the rules by his own volition. Hey! Now we got an enemy.


            God invented a new creature different than everything else He had ever made, and he imparted something into man that made him a “living being” in His own class. Rather than be programmed to obey, He made us free to choose. Then He put us where we could see the alternative and make a choice. He couldn’t hang around close, because it would intimidate us into a choice that was self-preservation at best, not a truly free choice. And we chose wrong! Ouch!


            Worse yet, a rule God instilled into this world is that everything should “bring forth” (for you guys in public school, that means “give birth to”) after it’s own kind. Kinda puts a slap down on evolution, don’t it? Zebras give birth to zebras, snakes make snakes, … and sinful man gives birth to sinful kids. Now it isn’t just Adam that’s got a problem, he passed it on to all of us.


            Now what? God saw it coming, so what was His plan? His plan was based in His love for every man, woman, and child on earth because they were made to be His kids!


            With Adam being innocent (not perfect) even if he always had chosen Gods ways, he really wouldn’t know what he was missing. That’s why we date a bunch of different girls when we are young, so that when we pick our life-mate we have some context as to why they’re the best for us. But now Adam has a dilemma because the only way for him to get out of this mess with the wrong god, is to buy back what he so foolishly gave away. However, the payment is death. Oh Boy! That helps, buy it back and you don’t get it … ‘cuz you’re dead!


            God can’t take it back … it isn’t His, because He gave it to man! Man can’t take it back because he can only pay for his own life by dying. I repeat … Now what?


            News Flash! The rules God made for how everything works on earth, were established by Him “saying” something. So for the next pretty big chunk of time, He goes about making promises to people who try to follow Him. They usually take the form of “If you will do this, then I’ll do that.”

And for hundreds of years He puts these laws (principles – promises) in place. Some men do a fairly good job of following some of them and they get the rewards or reaction due to that obedience. But NOBODY does them all or even does the specific one they’re concerned with perfectly. But God is setting a precedent and a foundation of laws (like laws of nature – these aren’t like speeding laws or something. They are like the law of gravity.).


            Now, what to do about that nasty inherited sinfulness stuff? We get what comes from our father. So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out, cut out the bad dad genes, and you can start fresh. That’s exactly what God did. He always seems to work on what you believe. So He talks to this teenage virgin and says, He’s gonna give her a baby, without her having a husband. And she believes it … and it happens!


            Now we have a kid who didn’t inherit sin from his father, because his real dad is God. Right here I hear a lot of stuff about how God couldn’t do that. Uh Huh!!! He made everything ever made by talking; I don’t think it’s a problem to do this little deal.


            Now comes the question of cheating. Gotta examine it, because if it isn’t fair and legal … it won’t work! God can’t break His own rules to win a fight. If He expects us to follow the rules that He has laid down, then He has to follow ‘em too!


            Even a cursory reading of the bible shows that Jesus was in heaven with God and equal to God before they ever thought up the planet earth. (Read in Genesis where God said “let US make man in OUR own image”)


            But if Jesus could use all that power he had in heaven to live perfect … it would be cheating, because any other man can’t do it. Remember, the only person who can get the earth back is a man … not God. So Jesus was made like Adam … innocent, but capable of sinning or not as he chooses. But now he’s got something to work with. All those promises (laws) that God put in place … If Jesus sticks to them, he can have the results just like any other man could. The rules are in place for anybody who would follow them. Nobody could follow them perfectly because of inherited sin. Since Jesus didn’t inherit any sin, it’s all up to him based on what he does.


            So it starts looking a lot more amazing, that Jesus (being taught so first by his mom) knows his dad is God, but he’s got to learn and work, and listen to his dad so he won’t make any mistakes and shoot the whole plan down. The only tools he could use to help him were the ones promised in scripture to man. It was his personal responsibility to not sin. Is it any wonder that as soon as Satan found out about him when he was baptized by John, that the devil immediately tried his best to get Jesus to sin?


             So now we got a guy who is getting all the power and help that God offered man because he isn’t breaking any of the rules. Can you imagine that God intended man to act like Jesus? Walking on water, healing the sick, raising the dead, storms obey him, he makes a whole bunch of food out of a kids lunch, turns water into wine … and the list goes on! Gimme a piece a’dat!


            So now comes the big part that’s got Satan fooled. The “wages” of sin is death. But this guy isn’t doin’ any. So when Satan has him killed … the devil broke the law! (Just what God was refusing to do by not giving Jesus anything that He hadn’t provided for all mankind.) That the law was broken by Satan when he had Jesus killed was proven by Jesus being raised from the dead. Ok! I hear ya! “That’s just an unprovable myth!” Oh yeah???! Get a load of this!


            Psychology is probably the easiest way to put the mistake “that it didn’t happen” to rest, permanently. (As an aside, in history class we teach about societies and civilizations that existed if we can get two witnesses to write about it from that time or a reasonable time later. We even accept some on the basis of one witness. There were so many witnesses and writers confirming Jesus coming back to life, both in and outside of his own followers, that any historian who denies it is a flaming hypocrite.) … But onward to the psychology …


            OK, picture this. Jesus has been killed and the disciples had no idea what was happening. Remember, they were expecting him to defeat Rome and set them free. So, now that he’s dead, they hide like scaredycats  ‘cuz they think that they are next! When the political and religious leaders of Israel found out that Jesus wasn’t in the tomb anymore, they paid off the guards and told them to say that the disciples overpowered them and stole Jesus body so that his followers could claim that he rose from the dead.


Let’s play that out a little. Let’s say that you have been hiding in fear of the people who killed Jesus; now you steal his body to pretend that he’s back. You know it’s a lie! So, whaddaya think? You got any more guts in the face of the same enemies now? Of course not! Since you know it’s a lie, maybe you could try to convince some people to start a cult over it to give yourself some fame … but you’d keep your mouth shut around the people who killed him! Look at the history records of the actions of the disciples. They even stood before the same leaders, with extreme courage, and told them to their faces that the man they illegally killed was alive again and would judge them before God. In fact, they turned the known world upside down for the rest of their lives in spite of the knowledge that it would get them killed (and it did!). They had to have no fear of death because they knew it wasn’t no-how permanent! They had seen for themselves that it wasn’t a fake rising from the dead! It was real!


Jesus can now use his life as the mortgage payoff on the earth because he doesn’t need to use it for his own debt. Voila’! Now Jesus owns the joint and Satan don’t! 


            Where are we at? Alright! Jesus has now bought the earth back and he tells the disciples that the payment is big enough for them too - IF they chose him to be their God. This starts a whole new chapter in the Great Experiment. So we’ll give it a separate chapter just to be fair! J






            The preliminaries are all over, now comes the productive phase of the experiment.


            First a place was made to conduct the experiment, the enemy introduced, then the special creature was installed, and the rules were established. The nearly inevitable treason occurs and all seems lost. Tools for man to succeed have been introduced but he is unable to take full advantage of them due to his own weakness. Mankind now gets the full knowledge of what it means to take Satan as your king. All the horrifying results of satanic rule are evident in every minute of history. I’ll bet that you can find it on the front page of the newspaper this morning … again!


            Then the cure is introduced and successfully defeats the enemy … and now everything is sunshine and lollipops … not hardly!


            The whole point of the exercise is to find a creature that will freely choose God over the alternative. So if Jesus just wiped the slate clean and we all were bound for heaven, the main goal of the experiment hasn’t been met. No, instead he set man free … back to the opportunity that Adam had. A free choice. His love for all mankind is so powerful that He paid for every person throughout history and the entire future. That way, ANYONE can get on the bandwagon regardless of their previous behavior or their mistakes going forward!


            Clearly, if the words of Jesus mean anything, he has wiped away ALL sin. Man can never be judged by any of the sins in his life. He is no longer in debt to the law that included his death to pay for his own sinfulness. So why do we hear so much about paying for our sins? How in the world can we do penance or other acts to pay for something Jesus already has the receipt for? It isn’t hard to figure out. Religions gain power and money from requiring their adherents to perform certain things and/or to be indebted to that particular religion to save their lives. (Not really very close to the message that the bible is putting out, is it?)


            Jesus never founded a religion. He basically did a Real Estate buy back and offered the results to people who chose to live with him under his rule. To make it more personal, and to satisfy His love, God established that the rules of adoption were the controlling factor in this transaction.  So to chose Jesus over Satan involved being adopted into the very family and species of God. Once that adoption takes place, there is no going back because the only thing to disrupt it would be the sins - that are already completely covered.


            It might be good here to go back to one of my questions about Adam dying. God said that “in the day that he sinned, he would die.” But as I noted earlier, Adam lived over 900 years. How can we explain that without becoming very “creative” with the truth? I found a verse that says that with God, a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day. It is interesting to note that nobody ever lived a thousand years (one of God’s days!). But I think the truth is more profound, and vastly easier to understand than that.


            God is a triune being. Sit down in back, I’ll explain it! He is actually three guys who are so intimately interwoven as to be the same guy. (Kinda like all those utterly complex systems that got me started on this search!) They think, act, and do everything identically … not similar, but exactly the same. But they, (He) can divide up duties between them with each part in perfect harmony with the others. (And that explanation is as far as a country boy like me can go.)


He said in Genesis that he would make man in “our” image so we must be triune as well (dats three parts, bubba!) just like He is. We just can’t go sashaying off in three different directions; we’re stuck in one suitcase!


            So just what are those three parts? It’s pretty easy to see that we all have a body. That’s one part. You know that even though your body is the recognizable part of you … it ain’t really you! That gorgeous babe may have a great body, but if she’s a snot … she ain’t for me! The second part is what nearly everyone would agree is the “real you”. It has been called by various names, but is most recognizable as the “soul”.


            To examine this part for clarity, we gotta look at what makes you – You!


            Researchers smarter than I have determined that the unique person you are is a combination of everything you know, everything you feel, plus the choices you make. Since that soup is seasoned differently in all of us … we are all one-of-a-kind! That is your “soul”.


            But do you remember that God “breathed” something into man that made him a “living being”? Well that, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call your “spirit”. It is a direct connection to God and His life force. The animals didn’t get it, just man. So even though animals were “alive” … they weren’t “Living beings” like man was. (They were back there kinda like the servants (angels ‘n stuff) that God had already made for himself - but these servants were for mankind.)


            So when Adam disobeyed God and fell into Satan’s clutches … that connection with God was broken. That “spirit” connection was cut off, it died. If it hadn’t - Satan would be able to use all of God’s resources for his own slimy desires. Just tap into Adam’s power cord and divert the energy! So as soon as Adam sinned, he was dead! The spirit that made him a living being was disconnected - unplugged. That’s where the term “born again” comes from. You gotta get that spirit connection back to come really alive, like Adam was at first. But God put a little spin on it this time. Instead of just getting your old “spirit” back, God says that He’ll put the Holy Spirit into you forever. So now you got a spirit that can’t die … it is God after all! Now your connection to God is permanent because He says that He will never leave you or forsake you. So it’s even better than just adoption – we can have the same stuff that is in God, in us. It’s like having the right DNA as a gift! Wow!


            Now whatta we got? We got an enemy who’s been bossing the job for quite a while. We got men that were born in sin by inheritance from Adam (that scoundrel!). And we got a “get out of jail free” card because Jesus paid our debt. So picture it; men are walking around, living like they always did – blindly following the devil ‘cuz they think that’s normal. And God is still staying a little way off to keep it fair. If He showed up and said “Pick me, Pick me” like some kid trying out for a school baseball team; first it would be beneath His dignity, but second it would skew the results.


            It would be like a heavyweight mixed martial arts champion saying to you …

“See that 97 lb eighth grader? I’m gonna fight him. You pick whose side you’re on and be quick about it because you get whatever your pick gets. He loses, you lose. He hurts, you hurt! Your pick wins, you get the winners share.”


            Yeah right! Even if the kid is my brother … in this case baby, he’s on his own!


            So in order to be fair, God says “if you seek me you will find me” and stands back. While Satan gets up in your face and waves every bribery he can think of under your nose. Sex, money, power, and anything else he can motivate you with. It doesn’t matter that he can’t deliver (except some things very temporarily); what’s another lie to him? Just another day at the office!


            It is no wonder that the bulk of society has by default picked Satan. Even if they do nothing, they haven’t intentionally picked Jesus…. And that’s what the whole process was dedicated to finding. Those few, who are under no compulsion to pick God, that do so anyway - are what He’s looking for. This experiment has its roots in some thought of God’s who knows how long ago.


Even though God loves each person passionately, the only ones who get the full benefit of that love are those who chose Him. On them He lavishes love because He has wanted them from eternity past. Think of it … it is just as if you got something for Christmas what you have wanted all your life … You are excited, and you love it!  Because He adopts those who chose Him, they are part of His royal family forever! He’s getting a bunch of new kids! You gotta remember; God’s been wanting this for a lot longer than from now ‘til Christmas!


            What about everybody else? It might sound heartless, but it is only fair … you want Satan for king, you got it baby! You go where he goes and you get what he gets. To do anything other than that would be cheating the ones who opted out of that mess. After the experiment, when you have gotten the final results, it is absolutely normal to throw away the useless leftovers. God still loves them instead of hating them; but they just didn’t join the ones he was looking for. He gave them the opportunity - but for one reason (excuse) or another they didn’t accept His offer.


            He says something like my mother used to when she was mad at me – “I brought you into this world … I can take you out!”! If you made something, it’s yours to do with as you please isn’t it? Well, God made you … and everything else. So there will be no complaining allowed. You made your bed … you lay in it! (If you are reading this, you don’t have to be the leftovers; you can be part of the desired product of the experiment. It is for ANYBODY who chooses it! Free!)





            Wow! I started out trying to figure out where all this complex and interwoven world came from. I expected that a little scientific research would settle that once and for all. But when I came to realize that “Evolutionary Science” is really a religion and not “science” at all, I set out on a track that has taken me someplace I didn’t even suspect.


            OK. For those of you who are still having a snit over my use of the word “religion” for the evolutionists, consider this:


            If it breaks all the rules of science, and proposes things that have to be taken on faith, and admits that it is provably wrong but they don’t want to accept the alternative … what would you call it? Madness? Insanity? Wishful thinking? Hey, It is “faith based” not factual … so it’s gotta be a religion.


            So now after all this time I find myself in the middle of a cosmic sized experiment in which I have a choice for how I want it to turn out for me. I’ve made that decision and it wasn’t hard. The facts are all clear and available to anyone willing to explore them.


            I bet I can tell what is in your mind right now. There are several things that crop up immediately. One is, “It can’t be that easy”. Yeah right – somehow you could earn it? NOT!


The second is, “Awww, I don’t want to get mixed up in that religious stuff.” (Boy, is that a crock!) This isn’t religion, and if you haven’t figured that out – blame it on my bad writing skills. This is a simple, personal transaction in deciding which side of the test you want to be on. Do you want the guy who loves you, or the guy who is trying to get you killed? It is not some requirement that you play all those silly games that churches do, or that you have to meet certain standards or something. It is just a reasonable choice.


            The third is a little more subtle: “OK. It sounds fine, but I can have the best of both worlds. I’ll live my life like I want, and when I get older, then I’ll choose God.” Think about it. Do you know when you are gonna die? NOT! So you go sliding along, getting away (you think) with whatever you want … and then one day “you wake up dead!”. Oooops! Too late! “But that’s not fair. I intended to choose God!” C’mon! If you really see the issue, and you don’t jump at it now … you really don’t want God.


            The person that just wants to wait would be like some Vietnamese woman saying to some soldier, “I love you Johnnie. Marry me and take me with you to the USA.” She no more loves Johnnie than she loves liver pills! He is just her way out. She needs to escape the mess she’s in. If a kid like me can see the falsehood in that, how thoroughly do you think God’s got that figured out? You don’t want HIM; you want to escape the penalty for your behavior ... But only after you do as much as you can - Sorry Charlie – that don’t work!


            Here is a little revelation for you. That voice in your head saying that kinda stuff is the voice of Satan (the father of all lies). He’s been using those same stupid excuses for years, because he knows that a lot of time they work! Yep! I heard ‘em too.


            Personally, I really don’t care what you choose. If you don’t want what I got, that’s fine. I don’t understand it when the benefits and rewards are so astounding, and the reverse is so horrible. But it is your life. God set you free from what you deserve, but if you really want to stay in that mess, I guess you are just one of the “leftovers” from the experiment. Naaaah! On second thought, I really wish you’d step up and get out of that sewer. I guess I do care. I know God does. He really wants a big family of people in His own class to spend eternity having fun with.


            So now it is up to you. You have three choices. #1 Opt out of the approaching disaster that happens when Satan gets whacked (along with his whole crew). Just choose Jesus to be your God.


#2 Do nothing. That’s an option that ends the same place as choosing Satan, because God is just running this deal to find those few who freely choose Him. Without that choice … you aren’t His.


#3 Chose Satan. Hey! You like immorality, grabbing as much cash as you can, being the center of your own universe, etc. You like “getting away” with whatever you want. Go for it. It will end abruptly, and not well, but it is your choice. And God will absolutely honor your choice, and give you the precise rewards of it.


            For those of you who see and understand how great this experiment is, and what it cost God to get you back from what each of us truly deserve, the answer is simple. Personally, I’m just beginning to see the benefits right here on earth from making the right choice, and I’m looking forward with great excitement to the unlimited future. If you want to talk with me about this … I’d be proud to help in any way I can. Just holler. My e-mail is at the end of this booklet.




            QUESTIONS? COMMENTS?    Bob Moloney  [email protected]



Jesus speaking…..

John 6:37

37 All whom My Father gives (entrusts) to Me will come to Me; and the one who comes to Me I will most certainly not cast out [I will never, no never, reject one of them who comes to Me].


John 6:40

For this is My Father's will and His purpose, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in and cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up [from the dead] at the last day.